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Take control of your tax burden.

As a business owner, taxes are one of your largest expenses. With proactive planning and guidance from our team of experts, they don’t have to be. At My CPA Advisory and Accounting Partners, we help savvy entrepreneurs make smart decisions before it’s too late.

Avoid costly consequences from bad decision making. Business advisory & consulting services empower you to make the best choices for minimizing tax liability and maximizing wealth.

Save time, reduce stress, build wealth and business value

Your time and energy are valuable. They should be spent growing your business, not worrying about how to make the best financial choices. By investing a little time to partner with a proactive CPA and advisory team, you can get back to practicing your profession and enjoying it!

Advisory services at My CPA Advisory and Accounting Partners include:

  • Strategic planning and tax deduction optimization
  • Cash flow management
  • Financial insights, analytics and forecasting
  • New business formation & entity structure guidance
  • Review and evaluation of internal controls
  • Business valuation
  • Debt and financing tactics

Stop fearing tax compliance and regulations. Start prospering from your hard work.

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Jo Ann Root

I have been using my cpa for over thirty years, I have seen them grow from a few employees to many. Their attention to detail makes filing my tax returns a freeze.

Robert S

I have been using My CPA for about 12 years. Until about seven years ago, I would travel to the office to have my taxes done face-to-face; yet, due to relocation of the new offices and my work location, at the time, I filed remotely. This work fine until this year, 2024. As I retired, I do not have the most up-to-date software on my laptop. So, downloading/uploading documents became bothersome or nonexistent. So, next year I will travel to Boca Raton.. Otherwise, I have no complaints. Everyone was very helpful, and professional. They are too date on tax deductions, too!!The cost is within the range for my income who itemizes, according to Google.

Tamara Kendricks

I love going to these people especially seeing Mr Dan Devine who is been a CPA for at least 30 years. He takes the time to sit with you and explain things I would highly recommend mr. Divine at the my CPA PA
We believe that business owners deserve to focus on their business without worrying about what they don’t know. And, they should have the knowledge and data to make the best financial decisions for themselves, their families, and their businesses.
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